Kwik Pit

Northern Grain is the proud manufacturer of the Kwik Pit in-ground receiving system. This1700 Maximum innovative pit comes in multiple sizes ranging from 500 bushels to a staggering 1,700 bushels of holding capacity. Each pit can be custom built to suit the needs of your operation with the 1700 Maximum, 1400 Magnum, 1100, and 850 bushel models enabling you to dump both hoppers of a semi trailer without ever having to move your truck.  The 1700 Maximum Kwik Pit and 1400 Magnum Kwik Pit also have the additional length to accomodate the biggest triple axle trailers.




Why a Kwik Pit?

  • 5 models to choose from that allow you to open both hoppers on a1400 Magnum Pit semi trailer simultaneously, saving you time and money during harvest
  • Quality Construction
  • Ease of Installation
  • Convenient Operation
  • Affordable price tag
  • Our unique design allows you to change the unload capacity of your pit as your operation grows
  • Every pit can be custom built to best fit the needs of your farm



Standard Models Include:850 Farm Pit

  • 1700bu Maximum Kwik Pit
  • 1400bu Magnum Kwik Pit
  • 1100bu Kwik Pit
  • 850bu Kwik Pit
  • 500bu Kwik Pit
  • Contact us for custom options and pricing





Drawing of Kwik Pit with augerDrawing of Kwik Pit with Conveyor UnloadKwik Pit Installation Photo

Installation photo of Kwik Pit